Tri-Track Traveler. Best service at Puli West Station

This hotel is a bicycle-friendly hotel, and the West Railway Station provides warm-hearted services~

埔里西站座落於台灣之心,是往清境及日月潭參與各運動的旅人首選旅宿。  為友善三鐵旅人,由埔里西站商務旅舘提供您最大心的服務!

Located in the heart of Taiwan, Puli West Station is the first choice for travelers who go to Cingjing and Sun Moon Lake to participate in various sports.

For friendly three-rail travelers, Puli West Station Business Hotel will provide you with the best service!


All Mitetsu travelers who stay in the hotel can enjoy the following services:


1. Baggage collection and storage service.

2. Provide bicycle parking and maintenance space.

3. For the return cleaning service (before 14:00), an appointment must be made two days in advance, and please cooperate with the relevant regulations.

4. Meal box booking service (reservation two days in advance).


The museum reserves the right to make changes, subject to the announcement on the official website and the actual situation without prior notice.

Inquiry hotline: 049-2992888


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545 台灣南投縣埔里鎮仁愛路41號 | 旅館業登記登編號:131
No.41, Ren'ai Rd., Puli Township, Nantou County 545, Taiwan (ROC)

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