Action for serving tea - you bring a kettle, I serve tea!

Puli West Railway Station Business Travel Service Tea Station, reduce plastic and save together~

奉茶行動-你帶水壺,我奉茶!  埔里西站商旅奉茶站,一同減塑、省起來~
「奉茶」是早期路邊常見的那壺免費茶水,代表著臺灣人好客、良善的精神。  隨著時代變遷,瓶裝水逐漸取代了這項文化,同時,也帶來塑膠污染的危機...

"Fengcha" is a pot of free tea that was common on the roadside in the early days, representing the spirit of hospitality and kindness of Taiwanese people.

With the changing times, bottled water has gradually replaced this culture, and at the same time, it has also brought about the crisis of plastic pollution...


Let us turn our actions into strength, reduce plastic and be environmentally friendly, and at the same time, feel the human touch of Puli.


Puli West Station Business Hotel (Fengcha Station No.: 18058)

Provide hot water, warm water, ice water, and regular water quality testing.


Quickly find water and easily reduce plastic


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讓我們將行動化為力量,一同減塑做環保,同時,感受埔里在地人情味。    埔里西站商務旅舘(奉茶站編號:18058)  提供熱水、溫水、冰水,並定期水質檢測。    快速找水輕鬆減塑    掃描 QR code 立即下載

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