HELLO International Travel Subsidy  |  West Station plus code up to 600 yuan discount

Holidays can also enjoy travel discounts

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Is it troublesome that Easy Travel only subsidizes weekday travel? 🤔

don't be sad~ don't cry~

Puli West Station plus size

Up to $600 off the event!

Let your holiday travel also have a little luck 😉


"Activity 1" for small holiday check-in, Puli West Station extra code discount of 500 yuan

Event time: from now until 111/8/31

Target Audience: Official website, telephone reservations

Activity content: limited to Friday check-in, the room price is now discounted 500 yuan

Note: National holidays and consecutive holidays are not applicable.


"Activity 2" to participate in the on-site activities of the museum, now discount 100 yuan

Event time: from now on~111/12/31

Target audience: tourists staying in the hotel

Activity content: Complete the designated activities in the museum, and each room will be discounted by 100 yuan

Remarks: Regardless of weekends, each person and room is limited to one use.

  • The museum reserves the right to make changes, subject to the announcement on the official website and the actual situation without prior notice.

  • Inquiry hotline: 049-2992888




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