• Check-in and check-out time

    • CHECK IN : 15:00~21:00

    • CHECK OUT : 11:00

    • Please be sure to bring the occupant (must be at least 20 years old) with his/her identification document*Note 1 for check-in.

  • Check-in service description

    • Free luggage storage service (The storage service only provides storage at the venue. Please bring and keep your valuables and belongings by yourself. We will not be liable for any loss, damage or theft of the stored items.)

    • Extra bed/extra person

      • Children under the age of 5 will not be charged any fees; children over the age of 6 will be charged NT$600 per person per night (including one room amenities, no bed, no breakfast)

      • Extra bed: In addition to the extra person service, a limited extra bed service can be provided, which is limited to 1 extra person according to the room type (including one room amenities, excluding breakfast)

    • Parking lot: open-air/underground floor parking lot, the number of special parking lot is limited, and reservation service is not provided.




​Check in room


Weekdays: NT$10/15min
(Max NT$240 on the day)
Holiday: NT$20/15min
(No maximum charge cap)

Free discount for official website/phone reservations
​ to check out at 12:00 noon on the same day
(Check out time is 11:00)


Free, limited quantities

  • Deposit and payment method :

    • Please pre-pay 50% of the total room price within 3 days as a deposit. If the reservation is overdue, the reservation will be cancelled.

    • Credit card and remittance services are provided. Please contact the hotel to complete the reservation process and receive a reply message from the hotel within two days.

  • The reservation cancellation policy is based on the reservation platform or special project regulations.

  • Cancel the reservation (this page is placed on the Odingtin reservation platform)

    • In order to protect the rights and interests of customers, if you need to extend or cancel the reservation after booking, please call to inform us as soon as possible.

    • For rescheduled accommodation, please call to inform and confirm it before 14 days. The deposit can be retained for 6 months. If you do not inform you overdue, it will not be refunded. If you change the deadline once, you cannot ask for a refund.

    • If the reservation is cancelled 14 days before the scheduled accommodation date, the deposit will be deducted from the handling fee of NT$100, and the balance will be refunded in full.

    • 70% of the paid deposit will be refunded if the reservation is cancelled 10 to 13 days before the scheduled stay date.

    • 50% of the paid deposit will be refunded if the reservation is cancelled 7 to 9 days before the scheduled stay.

    • 40% of the paid deposit will be refunded if the reservation is cancelled 4 to 6 days before the scheduled stay.

    • If you cancel the reservation 2-3 days before the scheduled stay date, 30% of the paid deposit will be refunded.

    • 20% of the deposit paid will be refunded if the reservation is cancelled 1 day before the scheduled stay date.

    • No refund will be given for cancellations made on the day of the reservation.

    • *If there are force majeure factors such as typhoon, earthquake, natural disaster, etc. on the day of accommodation, the deposit can be kept for 6 months. During this period, the accommodation can be rescheduled, or the deposit will be refunded after deducting the handling fee of NT$100.

  • The hotel is located in the center of Puli. It is recommended to rent the hotel's electric scooter tools and go to the recommended businesses to make travel friendly and happy.

  • Definition of flat and holiday prices :

    • Weekdays: Sunday to Friday

    • Holiday: Saturday

    • Special holidays:

      • New Year's Holiday 2022/01/01

      • Chinese New Year 2022/01/29 - 2022/02/05

      • 228 consecutive holidays2022/02/26 - 2022/02/27

      • Qingming Holiday2022/04/02 - 2022/04/04

      • Dragon Boat Festival 2022/06/03 - 2022/06/04

      • Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday 2022/09/09 - 2022/09/10

      • National Day Holiday 2022/10/08 - 2022/10/09

      • New Year's Eve 2022/12/31~

  • The hotel adopts a floating price, and the daily price is adjusted according to the reservation date. The final price of the reservation shall be subject to the price on the reservation page.

  • In accordance with Article 15 of the "Tobacco Harm Prevention Act", and to provide a good and healthy environment, the hotel is completely non-smoking.

  • After 22:00 at night, it is a quiet period. Please stop all noisy activities, walk in and out lightly, close the door carefully, and lower all the volume so as not to disturb the rest of other passengers.

  • Please cherish the use of the equipment and items in the hotel. If it is damaged or lost, compensation will be made according to the price.

  • According to Articles 10 and 11 of the "Drug Hazard Prevention and Control Regulations", the possession and consumption of drugs and related illegal entertainment are strictly prohibited.

  • According to the Regulations on the Control of Firearms, Ammunition and Knives, it is strictly prohibited to bring firearms or other illegal prohibited items into the museum.

  • *Note 1. Citizens of the Republic of China must choose one of their ID cards, health insurance cards, driver's licenses or passports; non-national passengers should use their passports, and Chinese, Hong Kong and Macau tourists should use their Taiwan Entry Permits.

  • *Note 2. This is not the case if the reservation includes car rental, and can be redeemed for free until 12:00 noon on the day of check-out, and the parking fee of one car can be redeemed for free per room.

  • Hairy kids stay in friendly room

    • We welcome pets to stay, but do not take any responsibility for your baby, please pay attention to your baby's safety.

    • ($500/pc for large dogs, $300/pc for small and medium-sized dogs) Pay at check in.

      • Cleaning the pet accommodation room is more time-consuming and labor-intensive than ordinary rooms. In order to maintain the quality of the accommodation, please abide by the following principles: pets do not go to bed, do not stay in the room alone (except for those with cages), do not defecate in the room, and do not blow or brush in the room. It is difficult to clean the room, so a pet cleaning fee will be charged accordingly.

    •   Please be sure to bring your pet's small cage or cart when you check in. And ask the family to sort out the baby's excrement by themselves.

    • When checking in, please do not bathe pets in the hotel and use in-room pet towels to wipe pets.

    • To avoid disturbing other travelers, please do not speak loudly in the room.

    • When going out, do not leave your baby alone in the room.

    • If brothers and sisters find that the room is too messy and cannot be cleaned within a day (ex. urinating and urinating freely), an additional fee of the original price for one night will be charged.

    • If the bed set or facilities in the room are accidentally bitten by the baby, compensation shall be made according to the original price.

    • When checking out, if the bed is found to have pet hair, or the room cannot be cleaned within the day, the original price of the room will be charged for one night. If the bed sheets, quilt covers, pillows, throw pillows, etc. or room facilities are bitten by pets, resulting in unusable use, the tenant must compensate according to the price.

    • When walking the dog, please remove the excrement and choose an environment that does not affect others.


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